Zhoukou old mill food co., LTD. Is a collection of scientific research、Production、As one of the enterprises,Long-term commitment to the comprehensive utilization of agricultural resources and the depth of the development of science and technology development company。Enterprises to product quality as the fundamental survival,Business for brand development direction,To advocate health、Nutrition、A balanced diet,Vigorously the introduction of advanced production technology and production line,Has been largely automated production,And the construction of henan stone sesame 45 sets of equipment。The company has introduced“The east show”、“Love family meal”、“Rufo”Brand series of cooking oil、The pure oil quality、Consumer acceptance、Species diversity、Complete specifications、Meet the demand of different diet products,Products have been sold to all parts of the country,Expanded rapidlyMA。The market share。...    [ To learn more ]

The east show black sunflower seed oil,Help to health!

        People's Daily eat sunflower seeds,Is the black food rich in nutrition。Sunflower seeds in addition to the daily consumption,You can also extract oil,Sunflower oil is a kind of extremely rich nutrition of high-grade health oil。
Sunflower seeds contain fat can be achieved50%The left and right sides,And no cholesterol,Linoleic acid can reach70%。
As people daily necessities at the dinner table,Correct selection of cooking oil,Oriental show baked sweet series of sunflower oil,Lead the new fad of the cooking,For your health,Cheer for China power!
The east show selected soil in Inner Mongolia hetao plain superior non-gmo black sunflower seeds,Steamed green baking,Introduction of the Nordic double helix small pressing technology,Adopting physical pressing technique,A squeeze,Keep only the most essence of virgin juice,The nutrition,Taste good,Better health!
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Selection of high quality Inner Mongolia hetao plain
Land and black sunflower seeds

Show optimization known as east“The Great Wall jiangnan”As the Inner Mongolia hetao plain fertile land and breeding of high quality black sunflower seeds。The unique geographical advantage,Not only make it far away from industrial pollution,Natural and pure,At the same time, the sunshine time is long epidermal pitch-black shine,Linoleic acid content is other several times of sunflower seeds,More rich nutrition。 Pure、High quality、Nutrition、Health。

His original steamed green baking process
Aromatic don't angry

The east show original steamed green baking process,The raw material to steam to go green,Remove the raw smell and eliminate harmful impurities in raw material,And then to bake titian,Abandon the traditional craft of making,Heated more evenly,Reduce of the raw material of hazard factors such as hot and dry,Change traditional sunflower oil raw taste,Steamed green spent,Baking titian

With leading technology
Precision numerical control to ensure the quality

The east show strictly control the steam temperature,Ensure the nutrition of raw materials,In the process of roasting titian roll for many times,Accused of roasting time,In addition to wax acid to the greatest extent,Improve the aroma of raw materials,The sweet feeling,

1Pressing is not repeated

Oriental show all raw material only squeeze1Times,Keep products the most high-quality virgin juice,Unique flavor,Rich nutrition。The east show refused to improve oil amount,Reduce the cost by repeatedly squeezing、Many degrees of high temperature and chemical extraction, etc,Natural and pure,No chemical pollution

The double helix small pressing process

Oriental show the introduction of the Nordic countries dominate the double helix small pressing technology,Although the cost is high,The yield efficiency is low,But keeps the nutrition of grease to the greatest extent

Self-built raw materials production base
Ensure the security of the raw material quality

The east show in Inner Mongolia,Searching for planting base,Planting agreement signed with the local farmers,To ensure that farmers in planting fertilizers, chemical pesticides,The high quality raw material base is the guarantee product health and safety

One hundred percent of genetically modified (gm)

In the genetic food affect health in the case of a dispute,The east show professional inspection team after signed an agreement with farmers to test every seed will grow,Ensure that the genetically modified seeds,Cut off from the source genetically modified (gm),Just for health reasons.


The east show pledging conference officially kicked off in the second quarter

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Oriental show is unchanged,Only good raw materials,To extract oil

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Baked sweet black sunflower oil,In China,Oriental show is committed to building

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