Sichuan guanghan energy storage equipment manufacturing co., LTDIs engaged in grain and oil storage equipment design、Production、Sales and service professional company。The company was founded ten years,Based on the southwest,Facing the whole country,In line with“Scientific management、Good faith service”Business enterprise aim,Solidarity and grain storage industry,Got food departments at all levels and in the love and support of grain storage system,Now the company has developed into a company with thousands of square meters standard workshop and advanced technology and equipment of modern enterprise in the industry。
  The company has always been firmly believe that science and technology is the first productive force,Technical innovation is the fundamental impetus to enterprise development。In the light of the characteristics of grain storage industry,The company continuously introduce and improve the strong... [For details]

1.Maintenance services
·The contract warranty,Anyone who is a supplier quality the cause of equipment damage,Free maintenance;If the supplier quality cause equipment damage,Our company is responsible for the maintenance,Cost consultation by both parties。
·Outside the warranty period of the contract,My company still provides all of the technical services,Cost consultation by both parties。

Sichuan guanghan energy storage equipment manufacturing co., LTD
Address:Sichuan guanghan small han industrial development zone
The phone:0838-5703968
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